International collaboration and participation in multinational research projects are an important part of EERC’s activities. There are many collaborators and they come from many countries; UK, Norway, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sweden, USA and New Zealand, to name a few.

Research results are regularly presented at conferences at various places in the world. The most notable is participation in the World Conference on Earthquake Engineering the European Engineering Conference which are held every fourth year. At the conferences the researchers from the EERC present their work by giving lectures or contributing posters or acting as chairmen of discussion sessions.

Ragnar Sigbjörnsson is a member of the board of editors for the following journals: Journal of Earthquake Engineering, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering and Journal of Wind Engineering.

The EERC takes part in a project which involves several nations and is called Internet Site for Strong-Motion Data (ISESD). The ISESD databank,, is one of the results of that project. The databank contains acceleration data measured in Icelandic earthquakes and corresponding data from earthquakes in other European countries and the Middle East.

Visiting professors also plays an important role in the activities of EERC. They are important links between the EERC and research institutions in other countries and come regularly to Iceland and hold lectures and seminars at the EERC and at the environmental- and civil-engineering departments of the University of Iceland. The visiting professors, which are among the most highly regarded specialists in the world in their fields, are the following:

Athol J. Carr, professor at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Field of interest: earthquake engineering.

Apostolos S. Papageorgiou, professor at the University of Patras in Greece. Field of interest: engineering seismology with an emphasis on simulation methods.

John Douglas, specialist at BRGM (French Geological Survey).Field of interest: engineering seismology with an emphasis on empirical methods.